Think of sweets nowadays and you must think of Gummy sweets. The ultimate Pick n Mix selection and the basis of the Haribo empire. That soft and squishy texture that is available in a massive variety of colours, flavours and shapes. Although Gummy Bears are the most distinctive, gummies are also available as Cherry, Strawberry, Worms, Dummy’s among many many more. All available for delivery direct to your door!Β 

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The original Gummy Bears can be traced back to Germany in the 1920s. The name 'gummy' comes from the original ingredient used to thicken the mixture. Gum Arabic which is the resin of the Acacia Tree, was dubbed GummibΓ€ren by the Haribo fonder Hans Riegal and the name stuck. A hundred years later and Gummy sweets are now one of the most popular sweet treats worldwide.Β Β