Fudge – the unmistakable smooth and creamy sweet treat. So rich, creamy and delicious! So many flavours are created nowadays, with the method remaining unchanged of butter, milk & sugar boiled together.Β  Once cooled you are left with that heavenly smooth and creamy texture which just melts in your mouth.Β  Below, you can find our growing range of fudge. There is so much more to come!Β  Β 

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Fudge has strong links to Scotland and thought to be a descendent of the infamous Scottish Tablet – fudge is smoother and creamier. It is also believed to have been first made by accident, by someone “Fudging” the ingredients and mixture for making caramel.Β  The name is then believed to have stuck. Although we sell fudge in manageable bite-sized chunks, the world record for the largest slab is over 5760 lbs.Β