Fizzy and Sour Sweets – Now we are talking! How amazing is that felling of fizz on your tongue? Or what about those sweets which trick you at first and then the huge fizz rush comes and hits you. Oh yes!! Ultimate fizzy & sour ecstasy in your mouth.Β 
Are you more for the fizz or the sour tang? Regardless of which you can find your favourites below from only Β£1 and delivered to you within days. Order by 12pm for same day dispatch and delivery viaRoyal Mail 48 service. Local same-day delivery also available (around SR8 postcode).Β 

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Although not everyone's cup of tea, those who like fizzy and sour sweets love them! But what makes that fizzy feeling? Well it's a bit of science. In a similar way to fizzy drinks, Citric Acid ( sounds scary, but its safe) reacts with a base ingredient in the sweets (bicarbonate or similar) to create carbon dioxide gas. This is what creates the fizzy feeling on your tongue. We admit it does all sound a tad scary and mad scientisty but oh my gosh – how darn good is it!!!Β