There is a popular online meme which says that ‘9 out of 10 people love chocolate and the 10th person is lying’. We totally agree! Who doesn’t love chocolate. Its perfect for any occasion or even as a little treat after a hard day at work. We are adding more choices to our chocolate and chocolate candy range and soon we will also be selling bars & multi-packs. For now, we have a range of different chocolate candys below…

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Chocolate is believed to trace right back to 1900 BC in what is now known as Mexico. Originally used as a drink, over time more development and techniques were used to create what we now recognise as chocolate.Β  Sometimes, silky smooth or extra bitter – we all love chocolate. There are also a number of different chocolate candy in a variety of shapes from stars to love hearts to mice. All super delicious as a treat or a special gift to loved ones.Β Β