Bon Bons are another unmistakable retro classic. That super chewy centre which is firm at first and becomes softer under chewing. And don’t forget the powder dusting for that unforgettable Bon Bon appearance. We have a range in stock and will be adding more in time. No longer just a single flavour sweet, Bon Bons are available in a range of fruity & combination flavours.Β  All available from delivery with prices from only Β£1 – onepoundsweets for 113 grams 0r 1/4 pound in old money!

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Originally, BonBon referred to small chocolate confectionery developed in France in the 1600's. The name is derived from the word 'Bon' which is translated to 'Good' in English. So in reality you are enjoying a 'Good Good' sweet! Nowadays, they are recognisable as sweets rather than chocolate, with a toffee based centre for a traditional feel or a more modern 'chewy'Β  centre.Β  Either way a great sweet with a strong suck and chew required to enjoy the flavours fully.Β