Who remembers going to the shop and asking for a quarter (1/4) of boiled sweets? Although the days of buying sweets in old school weights have gone, here at Sweet Sensations we have you covered.Β  All our old school hard boiled sweets are available to order for delivery to you. No matter where you live in the UK, we deliver within days. For that extra retro feel you can also order all our sweets from only Β£1 for a 1/4 (quarter pound) / 4oz or 113 grams.

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Boiled sweets are probably the most recognisable sweets across the world. Available in every continent they are a true history legend of the sweet world. Originally produced in the 1820's as a cheaper version of crystallised fruits (which go back even further). They were first crafted and mastered by in the Scottish Lowlands by 'sweet wives'. Named different by todays boiled sweets they were once known as Hawick Balls or Berwick cockles.Β 
Boiled sweets are quite literally sweets which have been boiled. Also known as Hard Candy in the American market, they are made by boiling sugar-based syrups up to temperate of 160 degrees Celsius. Once at temperature, the now very thick and gluey syrup mixture is removed from the heat and food colour dye or flavourings may be added. Once cooled slight it can then be shaped and formed before cooling further and setting as the final hard, stiff boiled sweet.Β  Β Β