Have an intolerance to Dairy? No worries!

We are here to help satisfy your sweet treat cravings.

All sweets listed below only contain 100% dairy free ingredients. We also prepare dietary specific orders extra carefully to ensure there is no cross-contamination.
You will be surprised by the amount of dairy free sweets we have in stock – ready to dispatch today! You will receive your sweets within 3 days πŸ₯°

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We are glad you found suitable dairy free sweets above.Β  All of these are available on their own or as part of our custom Pick n Mix pouches.Β  You can create your own pouch full to the brim with only sweets which have no dairy ingredients.Β  Alternatively, you can order our Dairy Free Pick n Mix pouch in a range of weights and prices.Β  We will fill your pouch with sweets only suitable for your dietary requirement. Extra care will be taken to ensure there is no cross-contamination with other sweets which preparing, packing & sealing your order.Β  Your well-being is our top priority!