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Sweet Boxes for delivery…

Who wouldn’t love a box full of sweet treats & delights to be delivered to their door?

No one right?

Well… here at Sweet Sensations that’s exactly what you can have.Β  The freshest, most yummy sweets delivered directly to your door.

BUT! We do this slightly different to others sellers…

No loose sweets in a Pizza Box…

This has become really popular since the COVID19 lockdown days.  Cheap, dry & tasteless sweets just chucked into a Pizza Box without any care, attention of love put into it.  Although handy for you to take your pick of sweets, we feel there is absolutely zero quality control in doing it this way 😠

So, instead we….

Don’t have any Pizza Sweet Box in sight.Β  Infact they are banned from out business!

We only use food grade Heat Sealed Sweet Pouches or Traditional Victorian Sweet Jars!

Why you may ask?…

Because, simply, we can control the freshness of your Pick n Mix sweets before they arrive at your door.

We control quality…

By using sealed pouches or sweet jars, we can ensure all sweets stay super fresh whilst with the Postie.Β  Once filled they are sealed to keep air out, which stops sweets ending up with that horrible dry & tasteless feel.Β  Nothing worse than dry sweets!

Also we can prevent anything else contaminating your order whilst in transit.

Just think of the amount of vans, lorries, depots and different hands you order passes through on the way from us to your door.Β  All them diesel emissions, dust and god knows what else (it doesn’t bear thinking of all the potential things which could come in contact).

Now imagine…

Instead of using our pouches/jars, we just used cardboard boxes.Β  ( Ok, so we use boxes for postal orders, but these are to contain the pouches jars for delivery. )

The alternative, like other sellers is just to use a Pizza Sweet Box, chuck your mix-up in and then seal with a bit tape.

Just how much could contaminate your order is unbearable to even consider!

There’s no quality control and no way to keep your sweets super fresh & tasty whilst they are on their way to you 😒

With us you get…

You have the total choice of the contents of your Custom Pick n Mix sweet mixup.

Take your pick of 5 different sizes of Heat Sealed Sweet PouchesΒ 

Would you rather a Pizza Box or food grade Heat Sealed Pouches?Β  Let us know in the comments below…


About Adrian McCarroll

Owner and co-founder of Sweet Sensations. Father to 2 amazing girls. My main role of the business is the website & technical side of things.

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