Old school weights.

Just like the good old days!
1/4 lbs of sweets

Remember running down the local shop to buy a quarter with your pocket money? Now you can with us!

All our sweets are available to buy in 1/4lbs (113grams). Amazing value when you can have a quarter of sweets for only £1 We also have a growing range of Retro & Old School sweets in stock for that extra feeling of your younger days (not that we are calling you old 🙂 ).
1. Fast Royal Mail Delivery
Order by 12pm Mon-Sat and your order will be dispatched the same day.
2. Direct To Your Door
No need to leave the house. We come to you!
3. Low Minimum Order
No need to spend a fortune to qualify for free delivery!
4. No need to wait around
Need to pop out? No worries! At checkout pop in a safe place to leave your order or your preferred neighbour.
🍬 Remember buying a quarter pound of sweets?


Those good old days! One quarter of a pound or 4 oz of sweets as a treat on a weekend.


Good News! You can now buy your 1/4 of sweets from us and have them delivered direct to your door. No need to go down to the shops!

1/4 lb (113grams)  weights are available on almost all of our Pick n Mix sweets…


💰 Simple & Great Prices

We offer you great value for money on 1/4 of sweets.  For only £1 its hard to find better value. Ok, it’s more than you paid in your younger days but we cant beat inflation.

Most Popular Sweets by the quarter 1/4.

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Owner and co-founder of Sweet Sensations. Father to 2 amazing girls. My main role of the business is the website & technical side of things.

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