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Pick and Mix Sweets
are a real British tradition.

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Remembering the old sweeter days

For decades local small shops, often referred to as your corner shop have sold loose sweets from jars and tubs.

We are sure everyone can remember running down to the shop with your pocket money as a kid and asking the shopkeeper for a mixup. That feeling of pure delight as they handed over your bag of sweets, only for you to have scoffed most of them before returning back home.

In some shops, they had already pre-bagged the mixups beforehand and you could only choose the weight/price of the bag.  Other shops (these were the best!), you could tell the shopkeeper which loose sweets you would like and they would make the bag of sweets up for you – right in front of your beady little eyes! 


Now, depending on just how old (sorry, we mean young) you are will make the difference in how much sweets you would get for your money.  For us as we are only mid 30’s, everything was already in grams and pounds (£ wise).  So it was a 20p, 50p or £1 mixup.  And with out little hands a one pound (£1) mixup felt absolutely huge!  But, that didn’t mean it lasted long.

If you are slightly older than we are, you will most likely the good old money of pounds (lbs) and ounces.  Going to the shop and asking for a quarter of a pound (1/4lb) of sweets is something our parents and grandparents have told us much about.  Our grandparents even talked about shillings, thruppence and sixpence – coins we have never even seen in person, nevermind used.  If you remember any of these, please let us know in the comments at the end!  

Let’s get back onto Pick n Mix sweets though…

Moving on from the local corner shops, the larger town center highstreets also offered Pick and Mix sweets with the likes of the sweet stands in WoolWorths (or Wollies if you’re from our neck of the woods) shops.  

Remember WoolWorths? It really was the shop that stocked everything possible.  If you needed something – Woolies would have it.  As a kid it was pretty impressive how one shop could have so much different stuff in it.  Since the sad and unfortunate downfall and collapse of WoolWorths you can now find Pick n Mix stands in other retailers and supermarkets. 

Why are you telling us about other shops selling Pick n Mix sweets?

Well, it’s because we offer you something totally different.  You see, in the shops & supermarket stands, sweets may sit there for a few weeks.  Although the separate containers do have lids on, they are not fully airtight.  Therefore, over the time they are sitting there waiting to be picked, the air is reaching them and in turn slowly drying them out.  This is especially true for foamy based sweets such as Haribo Love Heart Throbs.  

Also think about the hygiene  

This is the main factor that has put us off buying from the supermarket sweet stands for out girls.  Ok, at times we did feel quite cruel – especially when they were begging and almost having a giant meltdown tantrum. 


How many people have touched the scoops and tongs used to pick your sweets?  

How many different germs and bacteria are sitting, growing & breeding on them?  

After all, it’s not as if someone goes round wiping them down after each use.   

Or even worse!  

(Warning if you have OCD !)… 

How many people didn’t even bother with the utensils!  Yeah grose we know – but if for certain happens as we have witnessed it many, many times before.  


  • cough or sneeze into their hands 
  • then lift the lids on the sweets compartment
  • grab a handful of the sweets they would like
  • then repeat this over and over with different choices of sweets
  • Finally, they decide they’ve over picked some sweets and put them back. (YUCK!)


Just think about that for a second. Try not to be too nauseated!  

Might seem like we are being a tad over dramatic with this – but honestly we’re not.  Especially in the COVID times we are living in. And let’s be brutally honest, there are people out there whoms level of hygiene and common courtesy is very lacking.  Don’t mean that in a negative or judgemental way, but it is the truth.    

So.  What do Sweet Sensations offer differently?

Well… So glad you asked!

We offer you all the positives of a good old Pick n Mix sweet mixup that you remember from your younger good old days.  Without the negatives we’ve listed above (phew!).  

And, who says Pick n Mix is only for kids?  We certainly don’t believe it is fair that mixups are seen as only a sweet treat for children.  Oh no!  We believe that everyone is entitled to a little treat now and then regardless if you are 5, 45 or even 65!  

Actually, speaking of age – if you are older & wiser, then we stock a range of Old School & Retro sweets which you may remember and have not seen in a long time.  



1) Ease of Ordering

– We’ve made ordering a Pick n Mix so easy.  Actually, not just easy – but quick also.  Literally takes only a few moments of your time.  Once you’ve decided the size of your Custom Pick n Mix Heat Sealed Pouch or Traditional Jar it’s an easy peasey 3 step ordering on a single page.

2) Convenient

– No need to leave your home.  No finding a parking space or catching the bus.  And best of all, no shop queues to stand and wait in.  Instead, you can create your own personal Pick n Mix from the comfort of your sofa whilst watching your favourite tv show.  Your order will then be delivered directly to your door in no time.       

3) Range of sweet choice

– We have over 120 different types of sweets in stock, at time of writing this, and are regularly adding more lines.  You are sure to find your favourites, whether you prefer Jelly Sweets, Fizzy & Sour Sweets or Old School & Retro Sweets. 

4) Safe & Hygienic

– None of the nastiness we spoke of above.  The only thing to touch your sweets before you, are our scoops and tongs.  These are regularly washed thoroughly and each is only used for a single sweets.  We don’t not use the same utensils on multiple different sweets, in order to reduce the chance of accidental allergen cross-contamination.   All our sweets are stored separately in airtight tubs all within a 5* Food Hygiene Rated storage & preparation area.     


5) Quick Delivery Across the UK

– No need to wait ages for your sweet treats.  We deliver across the UK (includes the Scottish Highlands at no extra cost!).  Plus we only use your local regular Royal Mail postman/postwoman to deliver your order.  No cheaper couriers, who leave orders in a hedge or under your car.  

Best of all P&P charges are straight forward flat prices.  

They don’t go up with order weight or value;

Royal Mail 48 P&P is only £3.99.

Royal Mail 24 P&P is only £4.99.    

5a) We also offer a same-day North East Sweet Delivery service.  This covers all Sunderland SR postcodes alongside a number of Durham DH & Hartlepool TS postcodes.  Other areas covered require a delivery of £2.50 for same-day delivery. You can check your postcode here. 

So, to recap…

So as you can see, we offer a new way of enjoying your Own Custom Sweets Pick n Mix

Ok, so we may not be reinventing the wheel –  but we are making life easier for our customers.  We understand how busy life can be when you’re juggling your time between work, home and family commitments.  

You just don’t have time to go to the shops for sweets.  With Sweet Sensations, you’ve got no need to go to the shops!  

Awesome...You've made it to the end!

We hope this has been a helpful read for you if you’re looking for Custom Pick and Mix sweet mix-ups.  If you’ve still got any queries, get in touch on the contact details at the bottom and we’d be more than happy to help!

Why shop with us?


Fully Food Hygiene Rating

We hold the maximum 5* food hygiene rating. Along with full Product & Public Liability Insurance.


Freshness Guarenteed

All packaging is heat sealed to ensure your treats remain as fresh as when they are packed!


Free Personalisation

All pouches & jars include your choice of a customised & personalised photo and / or message label.  Totally no extra cost!


About Adrian McCarroll

Owner and co-founder of Sweet Sensations. Father to 2 amazing girls. My main role of the business is the website & technical side of things.

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