Care, love & Attention

For Your Sweets Delivery
From our family business!

We put Care & Attention into your order. Everytime!Β 

Each order is important to us.Β  No matter whether it is a Β£5 or a Β£200 order, each order matters to us.Β Β 

We know all too well how disappointing it is to receive an order from an online store, which is all battered and damaged when delivered to your door.Β Β 

That’s why we fully take care of your sweet order from picking and sealing right through to packing your order ready for dispatch.Β 

Every step is taken in order to give your order the best protection whilst travelling through the various vans, depots, lorries and Postie hands on the way to you.Β Β 


1A) Heat Sealed Clear Sweet Pouches

The reason we use Heat Sealed pouches is to keep your order of sweet treats as fresh & tasty as possible.Β  Thanks to the seal, your sweets are totally safe from any contaminants such as dirt or oil, as they are totally air and waterproof and prevents the air from drying out your tasty sweets (after all, who likes dry, tasteless sweets).Β  As a bonus, they also have a handy zip sealer, so once you opened your pouch you can reseal it over and over to keep your sweets fresh (that’s if you can resist munching them all at once! )Β 

1B) Traditional Victorian Sweet Jars

Similar to our Heat Sealed Sweet Pouches, the Victorian Style traditional sweet jars protect your sweets in the same ways.Β  Keeping them fresh & tasty without any contaminants during transport.Β  The jars are secured with a screw on lid and finished with tape for that extra security.Β  Not only do they keep your sweets safe and fresh, they are so beautiful they make the perfect sweet gift for friends, family & loved ones!Β Β 

2)Β  Kraft Paper & Twine WrappingΒ 

Ok so your sweets are now all safely in their new home, whether it be pouch or jar, they are protected from air, water or any other contaminants.Β 

So why wrap them in Kraft Paper?

Well.. it would be easier and cheaper for us not to and just put them straight into the postage boxes.Β  But, we don’t do the cheapest and easiest way!Β  We would rather put more care into packing your order.Β 

So, we decided early on to instead wrap pouches and jars in Kraft paper.Β  Not only does this bring a nostalgic feel to how orders were wrapped in the good old days, the paper also offers another level of protection.Β  You see, although the high gloss labels we use are pretty tough, there is still a chance that they can rub whilst in transport and the printed finish becomes a bit scuffed and not looking its best.Β  This is not ideal, especially when your sweet delivery is as a gift to a loved one.Β Β Β Β 

To finish of the retro wrapping feel, your pouch or jar – now wrapped carefully inside the Kraft Paper is finished with a Twine string wrap around and bow!Β  Super cute if we do say so.Β 

3) Bubble Wrap Protection

Are we done yet? Oh no, not just yet! (Almost though, we won’t ramble on much more – promise!)

For the ultimate protection during delivery, we also wrap your full order within Bubble Wrap.Β  This final layer of wrapping gives all the packing the extra bit of cushioning, so not to damage even the most delicate of sweet treats.Β 

4) Die Cut Postage / Mailing BoxesΒ 

Now to actually send your order out!Β  ( Yippee, we hope we haven’t bored you too much just yet )

The boxes we use are manufactured in the UK from sustainable sources.Β  The boxes we use are more strong & tough enough to withstand travelling all those miles to your door.Β 

Plus….They are not your bog standard flimsy box, that will turn to mush with the slightest of raindrops.Β 

Oh no..

We use “Die Cut” postage boxes.Β  This means they are cut with flaps that tuck around and into each other in order to make a really strong and sturdy box.Β  Think of a shoe box, where the flaps overlap in order to give really strong 3 ply sides and fronts.Β 

Call us paranoid, but we then wrap the boxes in tape across the top and around the sides.Β Β 

Ok, it maybe a bit overkill, but when we say we care about your order – we really do!Β  We don’t want the leave any chance of your order becoming damaged before you or your loved ones receive it.Β 

5) Off to Royal Mail

Now your order is complete, it’s carefully placed into Royal Mail sacks ready to be collected.Β  The sacks are cable tied once full ready to be collected by the Postie.Β  Your order is once again safe, even after been collected – as the sacks are only opened once they’ve reached the mail centre.Β 

This is another reason, we don’t use the budget couriers for your sweet order delivery.Β  The amount of “tracked” parcels which would go missing before even entering the network was unbelievable. Like, come on, 15% of orders never arriving at customers doors is unbelievable – but that’s what we were dealing with!Β 

So, to recap

We hope this post has been useful in learning how we really do care about each and every order.Β Β 

It’s not just some good sounding sleazy sales pitch eitherΒ  – we do really care.Β Β 

Although when receiving an order in person, it is easy & clear to see the attention which has been put into your order, we feel that this post was important for future customers.Β 

After all, we are not a giant international business where you are just another order number.Β 


We are a family owned and run business.Β  Every order placed is making a dream become a reality for us and our two young daughters.Β Β Β 

So not only do you receive super fresh & tasty sweet treats to your door, you are also putting a roof over our head and food on the table!

That’s the beauty of supporting small family businesses here in the UK!


About Adrian McCarroll

Owner and co-founder of Sweet Sensations. Father to 2 amazing girls. My main role of the business is the website & technical side of things.

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