Real childhood memories...

The Joys of
Pick and Mix Sweets!

That unbeatable childhood feeling…

Finishing school and getting a pound or two from your parents to spend in the shop on the way home.ย  Or your weekend pocket money after finishing your chores around the house.ย 

It literally burning a hole in your pocket until it is spent.

May only have been a few quid (or 50p in our day), but for that brief period, and at such a young age, you felt absolutely minted!

And the best and sometimes only place to spend it, in as little time as possible was the local corner shop!

Cornershop Pick and Mix sweets…

Walking into the shop with your coins and hand, you could taste your sweets already.

Delicious sweet treats stored in tubs and jars along the back wall and sitting on top of the counter.ย  Each one calling your name to pick them.

Time would almost stand still, whilst your mind raced through all the different sweets on offer.ย  Undecided to pick this one or that one – an endless dilema.ย 

Which ones will it beโ€ฆ?

Would be the question from the shopkeeper, as they grew tired of waiting for your spinning mind to make a decision.ย ย 

Would it be fizzy, gummy, jelly, hard boiled or some marshmallows?ย ย 

Itโ€™s so hard being a kid!

That same feeling as an adultโ€ฆ

Now, thanks to the family team here at Sweet Sensations, you can relive that childhood feeling all over again.ย ย 

Ok, so inflation has made the price of sweets go up – thereโ€™s no longer any 1 pence sweets anymore or 10p Freddo bars – but we still offer you pocket friendly prices.ย 

Regardless of that, we love knowing that weโ€™ve created the opportunity for you to have that same impossible choice feeling when creating a Custom Pick n Mix sweet pouch or jar.ย 

With over 120 different treats in stock, your brain will be working overtime.ย  So much stimulation for your eyes – all that is missing is that unmistakable sweetshop smell (hopefully one day we will have smellable laptops).

No need to leave the houseโ€ฆ

Yeap, that’s right!ย ย 

You can experience all the above, without even stepping out of your door.ย  We bring the sweet shop to you!

From the comfort of your couch, during the advert breaks of tonight’s tele shows, you can browse, create & personalise your very own Custom Pick and Mix mixup.


Only takes a few minutes to do from start to finish (once youโ€™ve decided which sweets – which we must admit may take longer than a few minutes).ย 

And if you’re buying as a gift, why not pop a personalised message and photo label at no extra cost!ย  We will even get it delivered directly to their door, to save you another job!ย 

Quick, easy & stress freeโ€ฆ

All of that is done in a quick and easy single page process.ย ย 

Once youโ€™ve completed checkout and payment is completed, we donโ€™t hang around.ย ย 

Orders received before 15:00 Mon – Sat are picked, packed & dispatched with Royal Mail the same-day. (Sorry no orders are completed on Sundays or Bank Holidays – itโ€™s family time for us with our two girls).

Sweets delivered to your doorโ€ฆ

Remember, how we said you donโ€™t need to leave the house.ย 

Well – thatโ€™s right!

Your order will be delivered within a matter of days via Royal Mail 24 (1st class) or Royal Mail 48 (2nd class).ย  We donโ€™t use any budget couriers – itโ€™s just not worth the headache for you or us when orders go missing or end up in the next door’s hedge.ย ย 

Only your local postie is good enough for your sweet treats!ย ย 

Which sweets do you remember most from the local shop as a kid?ย  Let us know in the comments belowโ€ฆ


About Adrian McCarroll

Owner and co-founder of Sweet Sensations. Father to 2 amazing girls. My main role of the business is the website & technical side of things.

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