people behind Sweet Sensations

We are not only a Sweet Delivery business... We are a family!

Hiya! That's us in the photo. A quick selfie in the car on our way for a family day out. After all, we are not just a business. We are humans behind he business. We are a family!
And we feel it’s important to put a face to our business.Β  There’s so many faceless online businesses which just feel like a soulless multi-national corporation.

Not here at Sweet Sensations.Β  We are a family owned business right here in the UK.Β  In the North East, to be exact – which we feel is one of the most beautiful places to live!

From left-right in the photo, below is a little bit about each of us…

Amy (mam)
Amy was the idea behind our sweet business.Β  Her idea of selling fresh & yummy pick n mix sweets, grew and flourished into what we now know as Sweet Sensations.
Aidy (dad)
Aidy is much more behind the scenes.Β  He created and works on the website to ensure it’s working the best for our customers.
Georgia is our youngest (rapidly getting older) daughter and part of our Quality Control & Taste Testing team.
Lacey our eldest daughter is also a Quality & Taste tester.Β  No sweets come into stock without our Quality team checking them first!

Why We Started...

…To build a better future for our daughters and family…

That’s the main reason behind starting and growing Sweet Sensations.

We love all things sweet – but we love our two amazing daughters even more!

The business is great, but without our family we have nothing.. take the house, the car, the holiday, anything – but not our family.

So, Amy & Aidy were working full-time “proper jobs”, but missing out on so much family time.Β  We dreaded waking up each day, to get ready and do the work day all over again.Β  Like groundhog day, day in-day out, week in-week-out.

Then 2020 comes around and BOOM!

COVID-19 is here….

Well, work dried up almost overnight.Β  Sitting working things out going forward, we both decided that things had to change.Β  Work, our life & family life had to change.

And so it did.Β  We started Sweet Sensations in late November 2020 and worked and worked our socks off.Β  It paid off – and in June 2021 we waved good bye to our previous jobs and focused fully on growing this young Sweet Delivery business.

And now…

Here we are!Β  Loving every single minute of it.Β  Having so much more freedom and time to be a family!

Meanwhile, picking, packing and dispatching super tasty, super fresh & super delicious Custom Pick n Mix sweet mixups to customers all over the UK.

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